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Inventory Management Using a Warehouse PDA Barcode Scanner


Portable warehouse PDA barcode scanner is designed for data collection and scanner in different industries, which supports off-line usage.

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Commodity Management


Handheld terminal is portable and compact, which is convenient for various mobile applications. It plays an important role in the management of shopping malls, warehouse and distribution, greatly improves the efficiency of management, which is widely used in various fields, specially in commodity management.

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Warehouse Management Solutions Using Handheld Terminals


Warehouse management is very important in supply chain for most companies. Efficient warehouse management could improve the speed of material flow, it also could reduce the cost.

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How does Rugged Industrial PDA Improve Logistic Express Efficiency?


New AUTOID9 is one kind of industrial PDA supplied by Seuic, which is used in logistic express with portable operation and combination of functions, could meet all kinds requirements from industrial environment.

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How to Order Suitable Handheld Terminals?


Handheld terminals include a plurality of industrial PDA, barcode handheld terminals, RFID handheld terminals, etc.

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Where Barcode Data Scanner Is Used


With the rapid development of IOT, barcode data scanner is widely used in various industries. There are two major categories of barcodes, one dimensional (1D), and two dimensional (2D).

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Using Industrial PDA for Data Collection


Data collection is the main character of industrial PDA and handheld terminalData collection is the main character of industrial PDA and handheld terminal.

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Advantages of Using Handheld PDA to Manage Inventory


In the traditional warehouse inventory management, inventory and statistics were done by manual, which cost much time and labor. It is hard to access, analyze and distribute data, with the traditional inventory. As there are mistakes during the traditional inventory, it has more requirements for warehouse inventory management.

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Functions of RF Handheld Scanner


RF handheld scanner is also called RFID handheld scanner, it is a kind of wireless data collector with the combination of RFID technology and data terminal. RF handheld scanner is widely used in logistics, warehouse, manufacturing and traceablity, with waterproof, big memory, data transmission, module selection and other advantages.

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Handheld PDA for Drug Inventory Management


Handheld PDA is most used in pharmaceutical factory and drug store, which inventory drug through scanning barcode by laser scan head. It is small and easy to operate, which supports 1D & 2D barcode scanning, RFID recognition and NFC recognition.

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UHF Handheld PDA


UHF handheld PDA is widely used in logistics, public service, retail chain, hospital, school and others.

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Handheld Terminal for Production Piecework Management


It could collect and manage the production line data efficiently, with the usage of RFID handheld terminal, which could solve the labor data collection problem, improves the accuracy and efficiency, meets the requirements of production scheduling.

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Parking Management


Handheld terminal could display the information of the parking yard in time on system and inquires the vehicle data through the intelligent parking management system with the data uploaded from handheld terminals.

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How to Pick a Right Handheld PDA?


Handheld PDA is most used in logistics, warehouse management, retail store, material management and manufacturing management.

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Introduction of Android Handheld Terminal


Android handheld terminal are equipped with android operating system, memory, CPU, screen and keyboard, with data transmission and handling function, which supported mobile usage.

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Handheld PDA Barcode Scanner


Handheld PDA barcode scanner is widely used in various industries, with the advantages of rugged and durable.

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Differences between Industrial Handheld Terminal and Barcode Scanner


With the development of IOT, industrial handheld terminal and barcode scanner are used widely. Then, what is the difference between the twos?

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Applications of Handheld Terminal


With the development of IOT, handheld terminals are used in logistic express, warehouse inventory, tracking management, retail stores and other public service.

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Handheld Terminals Improve The Efficiency of Logistics Companies


IOT brings the development of logistics companies, which could reduce the cost and time of logistics, as well improve the efficiency of operation.

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Analysis on Application Performance Index of Handheld Terminal


With the development of IOT, handheld terminal is applicated to more and more industries. How to choose the handheld terminal?

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Introduction about Protecting Grade of Handheld Terminal


IP protection grade is one of the most important standard of industrial handheld terminal, it contains dust protection, external invasion and waterproof grade.

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Application of RFID Handheld Terminal in Library


Compared to traditional barcode technology, RFID is much automatic, which could improve the efficiency of management. In the library management, RFID handheld terminal could inventory books quickly, which reduce the labor cost.

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Application of Inventory Handheld Terminal in Clothing Enterprises Management


Clothing inventory handheld terminal is small and comfortable, which could collect and transfer data quickly, accurately through barcode scanning by laser scanning head.

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Function of Supermarket Inventory Handheld Terminal


Inventory integrated with barcode scnaner and data terminal, with the advantages of small size, light weight, integrity and high performance.

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Handheld PDA Promotes The Innovation of Community Grid Management


With the development of internet, it is necessary to realize the community grid management. It could promote the innovation of community management with the internet tools and information technology.

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Applications of Handheld Terminal in Food Supervision


With the usage of handheld terminal, it could collect information of food, which is used to build a traceability system, to keep the trace of food.

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Principle and Classification of RFID Handheld Terminal


RFID is a kind of non-contact automatic recognition technology, it recognizes object and gets data with the radio frequency signal.

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Difference between 1D and 2D Barcode Handheld Terminal


2D barcode is made up by horizontal and direction code, and other polygon patterns. So, what are the differences between 1D and 2D barcode handheld terminal?

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Analysis on The Usage of Handheld Terminals in Products Checking


If the quantity of products is very big, we could check the products with handheld terminals, which could reduce much time and labor.

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Intelligent Security


Handheld terminal used in intelligent security is the hot topic, which could be promoted the development of security.

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How to Use Industrial PDA Manage The Multiple Shop?


With the development of IOT and industrial PDA, there are many companies concerned with the handheld industrial PDA solutions.

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RFID Food Safety Traceability Management Process


With the changes of commercial environment and information upgrade, it is necessary to build the traceability system to link the production, checking, supervision and consuming.

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Applications of Handheld Terminal in Electric Meter Reading


Traditional manual meter reading mode cost many mistakes, which reduce the efficiency. As the development of technology, there is new mode to read ammeter.

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Application of RFID Industrial PDA


Industrial handheld pda is also called handheld terminal, industrial pda. Its size is small, with industrial design, which is suitable for mobile fields. RFID industrial PDA is collecting data with the RFID technique, which could read the RFID electronic label.

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How does RFID Label Work?


RFID is applicated to wide industries, such as IOT, intelligent finance, warehousing logistics, and public, with the advantages of high speed reading, big memory.

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Identity Management of Garden Plants


There are many problems in the traditional management of garden. So, it is important to improve the efficiency of garden management. With the requirements, it is necessary to build an auto, information and digital barcode management system.

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Industrial PDA in AUTO Public Bus Management


With the development of IOT, AUTOID system is one important part of public bus dispatching system. According to advanced information communication technology, it could collect and analyze the traffic information, and then arrange the trip time and driving route, which could improve the efficient of public bus.

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Application of RFID Industrial PDA in Medicine Tracking Management


With the usage of handheld terminal, it could track the process of medicine, record and send data to medical system, which ensures the quality and safety of medicine.

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Which OS is Better for Handheld Terminal?


There are Android, Win Mobile and Win CE system for handheld terminal.Which OS is better for handheld terminal?

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How to Distinguish The Quality of Handheld Terminals?


With the development of IOT, the application of handheld terminal is more and more wide. But, the quality of handheld terminals in the market are much different, so how to distinguish the quality?

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The Importance of Industrial PDA


Industrial PDA could scan, automatic match and confirmation, which simplify the complex data work and improve the efficiency of work.

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Functions of Industrial PDA


Industrial PDA are most used in kinds industries, with the integration of scanner, data terminal, formatter, it supports barcode scanning and RFID recognition. Industrial PDA inserted bluetooth, camera, communication, GPS and WIFI, which could be used in hard environment.

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Workshop


There are many mistakes during the traditional manufacturing management, which reduce the efficiency of work. With the usage of handheld terminal, it could build an information system between workshop and warehouse, which could reduce the mistakes and improve the efficiency of work.

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Solutions for Intelligent Management of Handheld Terminal Chemical Plant


With the usage of handheld terminal, it improves the efficiency of management and economic in chemical factories.It improves the efficiency of management with the usage of handheld terminal, which could solve the problem of purchasing, producing and transportation.

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How to Choose The Tandheld Terminnal?


With the development of IOT, there are various handheld terminal factories and agents. It confused customers, as the different quality and prices. How to choose the handheld terminnal?

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Application of Handheld Terminal in Material Handling


With the usage of handheld terminal, it could improve the efficiency of material handling during the delivery of on-site and warehouse, cargo loading and unloading, inventory management.

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Implementation of Beef Safety Traceability Management by Handheld Terminal


It is important to build beef superintend platform. It could realize the end-to-end monitoring from production to retail and realize information access and sharing among enterprises in each link of supply chain.

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Business Solutions of Handheld Terminal


Handheld terminal could stat kinds data, such as sales output, order, output, position, weight, cost, express, and so on.

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Importance of Handheld Terminal in Logistic Express


With the development of barcode technique, handheld terminal and logistic information plat based on GPRS. It could automatic reading data and send data to background system, which improve the efficiency of the logistic express.

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RFID Handheld Terminal Raises The Wave of Transformation of IOT


RFID is the key technology of IOT. It promotes the development of IOT and handheld terminals, with the development of RFID. RFID handheld terminals are applicated to kinds fields, such as warehousing, logistics, supply chain management, retail management, traceability system.

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Applications of RFID Handheld Terminals


RFID handheld terminals have many advantages than the traditional ones, such as fast identification, anti-pollution, large data capacity and high security.

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RFID Handheld Terminals Improve The Efficiency of Supermarket


RFID also called electronic label technology, same to barcode, it could be identified by handheld terminal. RFID connects the real world to virtual information world.RFID handheld terminal could scan and collct the barcode inforamtion.

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Selection Standard of RFID Handheld Terminal


Seuic focuses on the research on data acquisition technology and wireless handheld terminal in IOT. Under the complex industrial environment, Seuic produces AUTOID series handheld terminal for companies in different fields.

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Functions of Industrial PDA


With the advantages of industrial PDA, it could collect and analyzes data quickly. Industrial PDA are widely used in manufacturing lines, quality tracing, warehouse management, retail store management and others.

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Operational Principle of Barcode Scanner


Barcode scanner could accurately acquit data under complex environment, which solve the data acquisition problem in industrial fields.

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How does the Logistics Industry Choose Handheld Terminals?


It requires stable and quick information handle of logistic express industries. Handheld terminals are widely used in complex and harsh environment, which are used with high tensity and big frequency. Handheld terminal, as information handle tool in logistic express industry, are widely use to scan kinds barcode, under the different and difficult industrial environment.

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How does Clothing Enterprise Manage Better with Handheld Terminal?


Traditional manual collection of sales, logistics, inventory, deployment of large data could not meet the needs of the development of modern garment enterprises any more. With the usage of RFID technology, garment enterprise could develop more.

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Handheld Terminals Make Power Meter Reading More Efficient


In the information process of electric power meter reading system, it is very important to use the auto reading technology. With the auto-id technology, the data could be collected much accurately, which could improve the economic benefits and management decisions.

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Handheld Terminal Application in Scenic Spots


There are many hidden dangers, such as the ticket management delayed, the tourists stayed, and the service quality of the scenic spot affected. The usage of handheld terminals in the management of scenic could improve the checking quality, reduce the loss of tickets, keep the management and order stably.

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Analysis on the working principle of RFID handheld terminals


RFID handheld terminals contain three frequency range, they are LF, HF and UHF. RFID handheld terminals could be applicated to kinds industrial fields.

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About the standard of Industrial PDA selection


Industrial PDAs are widely used in kinds field with auto recognized ability and comfortable operation.There are different requirements of PDA, so users could choose the industrial PDAs according to needs.

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The application of handheld terminal in food quality traceability system


Companies could trace all processes of food, such as source, tracking, responsibility and so on, with the technology of handheld terminals. With the usage of handheld terminals, we can get the food produced environment information, logistics and consumption information.

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Handheld terminals have been the necessary part of warehousing logistics


Handheld terminals play an important role in warehousing logistics.Handheld terminals could collect the data in Real-time and make the Refined cargo management.Handheld terminal is widely used in warehousing inventory, material shelving, inventory warehouse, material delivery and retrieval.

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Now the retail enterprise requirement for the technology in the warehouse management


Now the retail enterprises in the warehouse management to the technical requirements have been improved, with the consumer demands continuously, the retail industry of the warehouse management also has new requirements. RFID as a new technology of retail warehouse, warehouse management to current retail has brought new technology application.

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AUTOID7P: to build a new model of warehouse management


AUTOID7P Handheld Terminal as the SEUIC warehouse management application designed for field design models, carrying the warehouse management application of market demand, and focus on the related functions of warehouse management application.

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